Friday, March 30, 2012

No Voter ID?

It seems the Wisconsin Supreme Court is going to have a go at the legality of the new Wisconsin Voter ID Law that a couple of judges in Madison have decided isn't really law.  I've had a couple of thoughts on the law/no-law in the last few weeks.

The first thought that's been running around my noggin is how poorly Republicans communicate their intentions.  It seems someone at the top says, here's how we'll brand an issue and the whole flock follows that lead no matter how well or poorly the position is stated.

It's been my belief that it is imperative and good for people to have a valid photo ID.  The number one issue is that someone can't get a job without a valid ID.  The second reason is all the services and items one cannot get without an ID. 

I was at a meeting last week and we were discussing various political issues and the ID came up.  This new friend (WW) came up with what I think is a great way to look at the ID issue.  Seeing the benefits of having an ID and that the state and county are basically waiving fees for the ID and birth certificates, people who don't have an ID should take advantage of this to get one.  Instead of looking at this as a hindrance, it should be viewed as an opportunity to get an ID at no cost.

Then I got to thinking about the argument that needing an ID is different for purchasing cold medicine and other items then for voting as voting is a constitutional right where the other activities aren't.  I got to wondering if this same argument could be used in the purchase of a gun?  Owning a firearm is a constitutional right as is voting.  Why should one have to show an ID for one and not the other.

Either way, the opportunity to get an FREE ID and the use that ID to enhance the integrity of the vote is not a evil or bad thing, in fact it is a good thing.

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