Thursday, March 29, 2012

Corder Crapola

As the final week of the campaign season hits us, it looks like Tracey Corder is going out the same way she entered her attempt to become the next county supervisor in Milwaukee's 18th district.

Tracey's first campaign manager had to leave the position after being accused of playing dirty tricks via anonymous emails and tweets.  Now word is out that her 3rd campaign guru, Mike Wilder, (current legislative aide to Eyon Biddle) or as he has named himself on his facebook page "Chief Political Strategist at Tracey Corder for Milwaukee for County Supervisor" is keeping Tracey's campaign in the mud.  

Mr. Wilder, why would you call Ms. Corder's opponent, Deanna Alexander, and claim to be a constituent of the 18th district when your facebook page says you live in Wauwatosa and then ask her questions about Act 10?  

Grow a pair Mike and be honest. Is Act 10 the thing that Tracey's gonna run on?  In case she and you haven't heard, it's a done deal. Have Ms. Corder talk about the issue's that are relevant to us real residents of the 18th district.

And Ms. Corder, didn't you learn your lesson with less than honest campaign help.  As the boys at blogging advised you "Ms. Corder…pay attention to who you are working with and make sure you understand what they are doing on behalf of your campaign. They may bring you some unwarranted criticism."


Anonymous said...

Penny Sikora didn't have a violent criminal record alluva sudden? Who knew?

yoSAMite said...

I didn't say that. What is the issue is that there seems to be a pattern of political shenanigans from someone who wants to replace a disgraced County Supervisor. Is Tracey Corder intent on changing things or will she just continue with gutter politics.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous phone call is certainly shenanigans... I don't see how talking about a previous opponents record is.. especially when there were no lies or distortions from what I can see.

If someone has a criminal record and they chose to run for office, that record is fair game. It is not gutter politics to talk about that record. Especially when said candidate appears to have tried to cover-up and lie about his record.

yoSAMite said...

If I remember right, the person ripping on Penny was Tracey's campaign manager. He was doing it under an assumed name.

He should have manned up and done it under his own name. The gutter politics was the process used.

Other wise I'd agree that past record is fair game.