Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best Reality TV

I have to admit that I enjoy watching some of the shows on Warner Cable 25 - The (Milwaukee) City Channel.  My two favorites are Licenses Committee hearings followed by Judiciary & Legislation Committee hearings.

Today I caught a repeat of the J&L hearing and a lady wanted to City to pay for damage to her car that she claimed a City vehicle did. Her contention was that her car while parked on the street was hit by a city vehicle.  
When asked by Alderman Hamilton, who's the chair of the committee, if she saw the accident she said no.

The follow up question was "How do you know it was a city vehicle?"

Her answer was that she heard it. She was laying in bed, the car alarm went off, but she was to tired to see why it sounded. But, she knew it was a city vehicle because she could hear them moving around about the same time the car alarm went off.

The only two city vehicles on her street that day were garbage trucks which if they hit her car would have caused much more damage and would have left paint residue on her car, which had none.

She obviously lost her case.

I sure wish Time Warner would carry WisEye because I think the city should have the honor of seeing their state representatives in action.

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