Thursday, February 2, 2012

Talk to me, the $500 question

My soon to be ex county supervisor, Johnny L. Thomas was charged with accepting a bribe doing county work. What a wacky political world Milwaukee is. Here's a guy who was on the precipice of becoming the City of Milwaukee Comptroller, which pays $125,607 a year, and blows a promising career for $500 up front and $500 later.

What causes a man to do this?

The city power structure was absolutely won over by Thomas.  I heard more than once about the promising career he was carving out for himself.  Take a look at those who supported him at his campaign website. He could have stayed at the comptroller job for as long as he wanted or moved on to something else. 

As my county supervisor Mr. Thomas was totally absent.  He didn't return any of my contacts with him, from phone calls to emails.  Talking to him was not worth $500 to me.  I could only offer my opinion on matters he was suppose to be representing me on.  I was at a candidate forum tonight to hear those interested in filling the the open seat vacated by Thomas.  He was obviously a point of conversation within the crowd.  What I found out is that I was not the only one under served by Johnny Thomas.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  I have feeling someone will be rolling over to get their sentence lessened.


Deanna Alexander said...

I find it interesting that this is not simply a case of whether he innocent or guilty - because a can of worms has been opened no matter which way the case turns. If he is guilty - well, that speaks for itself and is disappointing and angering. If he is innocent - then what kind of a scenario could have possibly been going on to frame him and how deep within our political structures do those tentacles extend? Either way, this will be a case to follow.

yoSAMite said...

A close reading of the stories out there show something deeper was going on.