Monday, February 13, 2012

Supervisor Dimitrijevic plays Pin The Tail on the Candidate

Candidate for Milwaukee's18th County Supervisor seat Tracey Corder announced today that Marina Dimitrijevic has endorsed her for the seat being vacated by Johnny L. Thomas.  Earlier in the campaign Dimitrivijevic had endorsed Larmar "Penny" Amos Sikora, who failed in his attempt to get on the ballot because he not only used an outdated map to acquire signatures, but he himself lived outside the district.   

In Dimitrijevic's attempt to replace Lee Holloway as the Chairman of the County Board she continues to play pin the tail on donkey to gain support in her quest.  The big question is who will she choose between AT Buford or Deanna Alexander if they are ones voters choose in next Tuesday's primary.

In another "johnny come lately" moment for Ms. Corder, she was about two weeks behind Penny Sikora in getting disgraced Supervisor Thomas' signature on her nomination papers. Which begs a question for Supervisor Thomas.  Aren't you aware that you're only suppose to sign one set of nomination papers? It does state that on each form and you did have to circulate your own when you ran in the past. I guess we'll have to wait to see if you ever have the opportunity to do that in the future.

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