Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Biddle Dribble # 8

We haven't had a Biddle Dribble in a bit, we passed on a press release praising a non profit group taking a bus of kids to see Red Tails (the kids paid their own way).

But today's press release about the potential Potawatomi Hotel and a "perfect opportunity to demand jobs for unemployed black men in Milwaukee" cannot be passed up.

Supervisor Biddle is being raised up by the black community as a "new kind" of leader to bring them to the promised land.  Now I'll agree that Milwaukee needs new leadership, but I wonder if what's needed is a more aggressive failed liberal platform.

What right does a County Supervisor have to demand that a private enterprise, the Polawatomi Tribe, hire groups of people who Biddle thinks are worthy of jobs.  I'm not dismissing the fact that help is needed to improve the unemployment levels in Milwaukee's black community, but to demand action is not the way to do it.

This young political neophyte needs to learn some servant leadership skills.  How about working with black owned construction businesses to gear up for bidding on the project?  If there aren't any businesses that can be approached, use some resources to start some. It's time to start taking responsibility being and proactive and rather than sitting back and being reactive. Oh, a little humility wouldn't hurt either.

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