Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sen Taylor in dreamland

State Senator Lena Taylor today sent out a press release today about the disappointing employment figures for black males in the city of Milwaukee.  The Press Release is titled "Taylor Calls For Real Action to Meet Real Crisis with Real Solutions".

This is the same Lena Taylor who called for a boycott of a local businesses in her Senate district because they supported Gov. Scott Walker.  

This is the same Lena Taylor who spent weeks in Illinois holding up jobs legislation and has the nerve to say this in her press release "Despite the fact that Republicans have been in control of both houses for a year, you have not made a dent in the manufacturing problem!"  

Sen. Taylor you fail to mention that these numbers are from a time when you were in the majority in the State Senate, the Democrats had the majority in the State Assembly and the Gov was a Dem also.  If the legislation you passed was so successful, why did we not see any increase in the employment situation.

Sen. Taylor it's time you point your fingers at the failed policies of the officials in Milwaukee.  You know, Mayor Barrett who's been in charge since 2004, a common council led by Democrats for decades, a county board out of control, and state representatives and senators who obviously have failed in their attempts.to change the way businesses view opportunities in the City of Milwaukee.

You may also want to watch your rhetoric.  I can't imagine a business being excited to locate in your senate district when at any time you'll use your political bully pulpit to damage them if they don't agree with your politics.

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Unknown said...

Milwaukee is sinking in quicksand. Why isn't there any fresh faces with bold hearts taking part in trying to save the damn city? Someone not like Lena 'loudmouth' Taylor? These same old pimps with same old plans.