Sunday, January 29, 2012

Angry White Man

Has any else noticed how angry and ill mannered Joel McNally is lately on the Interchange TV Show.  The more he talks the angrier he gets.  As a former red head myself I notice the redness of face as the anger sets in.

On the left is a picture of Joel trying to swallow the microphone so no one else can give their opinions.


J. Gravelle said...

I've often cited McNally as being one of my early writing influences. I was thrilled to meet him a few years ago, and he was very gracious.

But you're spot on. He suffers from what I call "Lenny Bruce Syndrome", wherein somebody's ability to entertain and enlighten is eroded away by their passion to win an argument, promote a cause, and advance an agenda.

I miss the 1970s version of Joel McNally. Very much...


Real Debate said...

So.... you are the one who watches that.

McNally has been several fries short of a Happy Meal for a long time.

yoSAMite said...

It really is sad what's become of him. Watched the Conservative Radio TV Show and Joel is on there complaining about the "angry white male" with a red face and arms flailing about.