Saturday, December 17, 2011

To Hell With Hitchens?

Prolific writer Christopher Hitchens died on December 15th.  People die every day so this isn't a big surprise.

What I do find interesting is the discussion of Hitchens relationship or lack thereof with God. There seems to be a movement afloat to redeem God, not Hitchens.  I see this as absolute foolishness.  Someone in my stream tweeted that Hitchens probably has God questioning His existence. 

If people are allowed to make conjectures about what happens after death, here's mine.  After your last gasping breath you step out of time and into a "no time / new space dimension" and find yourself standing in front of the Bema Seat of a Most Holy God.  Seated to the right of the Father is Jesus, our Advocate in Heaven.

What I imagine happening is a replaying of your life, good and bad, the things you said, did and thought.  Do you try to justify your existence in Heaven?  I don't know.  What I do know is that we all will fall short of the Glory of God.  Here's where our Advocate stands up for us. For those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior here on earth He raises his nailed scared hand and the Father sees our lives in a new light.  One washed white by the shed blood of the Son. That is the key to our eternal entrance into Heaven.

For those who've chosen to not acknowledge Jesus redemptive acts in our time/space dimension I believe God honors that decision in eternity also.  Hell is the place for those who want nothing to do with God.  An existence for your soul totally absent from the presence of God.

I make no judgement on Hitchens soul. I do believe that whatever choice he made, God will honor it. It's my sincerest hope that his decision was the former, not the latter.

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