Saturday, November 5, 2011

Double Dip Fred

As the Legislature moves ahead with a Double Dipping bill, Democrat Fred Kessler is against the bill.  Fred was a judge for 11 years and is drawing a pension for his time on the bench along with his salary as a legislature.

The way it stands now I could not vote for it," said State Rep. Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee).  Kessler is in a unique situation, given the fact he has been double dipping for several years.  "Yes I am drawing a pension as a judge for the 11 years I was there, but I'm not back on as a judge; I'm working as a state legislator," said Kessler. .. He feels if, like in his case, someone leaves one job for a different job there's no reason why they shouldn't be fully compensated.  "I just think outright prohibition would keep out people who otherwise can serve a very useful purpose, because of the experience they have in making a real positive contribution to Wisconsin," said Kessler.

How wacked is the pension system.  Kessler spent only 11 years on the bench and he's getting a pension.  He has no problem with that.  

Let's take a look at another potential situation.  State Senator Spencer Coggs recently turned 62 years old.  He's running for Milwaukee City Treasurer.  At 62, Coggs could retire from the legislature and still become treasurer, not only getting his pension from serving 30 years as a legislator but his salary of $114,040.

No one begrudges these men their just dues, but playing the system should not be included in that compensation.  They are there to serve their constituents and saving them money by only sucking at one teat at a time would serve them well.

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