Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dems booting Krusick?

The party of illusional inclusion folded their arms in disgust today at Democrat Assemblywoman Peggy Krusick from Milwaukee's southside 7th District.  This after Krusick proposed an amendment that would eliminate someone's racial makeup as a qualifier for college scholarships.

The debate on the Assembly floor was fascinating, but I could only stay up for the first round which I think ended somewhere around 1:30am.  I have to admit I was somewhat surprised at the level of intensity with which the Dems attacked, not only the amendment, but Rep. Krusick who is one of their own.

What I find interesting is that somehow taking race out of the equation for scholarships is now being racist.  So it seems that race free legislation is the new racism.

Then to top off the intensity of the debate, I heard on WTMJ 620AM news that Hispanic Representative JoCasta Zamarripa said she would not only support but encourage kicking Krusick out of the Democratic caucus because of the amendment.

It's apropos to see that the Democrats are not immune to this season of political chaos they are causing.

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