Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Biddle Dribble vs The Constitution

Milwaukee County Supervisor Eyon Biddle Sr. continues in his quest to work hard for the citizens of Milwaukee using his full time position and County resources to weigh in on the State Legislature's acceptance of constitutional gun rights.

Mr. Biddle who issued another press release which includes the following, "The gun lobby in this state is providing immunity to irrational, paranoid, and sometimes delusional property owners who shoot someone they perceive as a threat."
When someone enters your home or business with the intent of committing a crime, I do believe that person is a threat.  I'll even estimate that 99% of people would agree with me. 

As Wisconsin joins 48 other states in allowing concealed carry and moves toward an acceptance of the Castle Doctrine Bill it looks as though this county supervisor will have to follow his Wisconsin 14 heroes and head to Illinois to be safe from wild west atmosphere of Wisconsin and his safe 10th Milwaukee County Supervisory District.  Fortunately for us I'm sure he'll leave a paper trail.

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