Friday, October 21, 2011


As the high school football season moves toward the state championships for a very small minority it also will end the career of many high school athletes as their teams get eliminated from competition.  These young men, who have gladly given up their time to work toward a goal will now move on toward a new season in their life.  A few will continue their football days at college, but most will not don their pads and jerseys ever again.

This evening I watched Milwaukee Lutheran lose their game to Wisconsin Lutheran.  This changing of life's season had a special meaning for me.  When my grandson was in 4th & 5th grade he played youth football with some of the members of the current ML team.  Eight autumns of their young lives playing football has come to end.  Now will come a time when what they've learned will be put to the test in real life.

Teamwork, discipline, and commitment has been ingrained in them.  In life they will win sometimes and lose sometimes.  It is my hope that they take these life lessons with them and become men of honor in their new season. 

Ecclesiastes talks extensively about seasons.  Peter Seeger wrote a song inspired by those verses and the Byrds brought it into the mainstream.

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