Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Partisan Primary Changes

Some of the changes coming in the September primary voting (SB116) a new date and new name.  It will now be called the  "Partisan Primary."  This is a good idea as it will help people understand that this vote is for Political Parties to choose who will represent them in the November elections. The date will be the 2nd Tuesday in August, which means the date for the 2012 election cycle is August 14th.

The other election change which matters more for those interested in running will be the dates that candidates can garner the required signatures for nomination papers.  Those dates will be from (or as the law states "no sooner than") April 15 and can be filed with GAB no later than 5pm on June 1. 

The previous dates were June 1 - 2nd Tuesday in July, these will no longer be valid so take notice any potential candidates.

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