Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Military Votes vs Fred Kessler

Senate Bill 116, concerning changing the Primary Voting date, came up on the Assembly floor yesterday.  Basically this bill
  • changes the date of the September primary from the 2nd Tuesday in September to the 2nd Tuesday in August and renames it to be the "Partisan Primary".
  • makes various changes in the laws pertaining to absentee voting. Most of the changes relate to absentee voting by military and overseas electors of this state.  
The main reason for the change in date is to allow time between the primary and general election so military votes can be counted. The other changes were to accommodate county clerks in their duties.

Rep Fred Kessler* proposes an amendment to change the date from the 2nd Tuesday in August to the 4th Tuesday in August.  His reasons are far from altruistic.

It would shorten the election season which he feels is to long already. The longer election season means Fred has less time to spend with his kids and grandkids. Check out WisEye at the 2:16 mark.

Well the amendment was voted down. But before that happens, Rep. Chris Taylor lets slip another possible motive for the 4th Tuesday primary date.  That moving the date to the 2nd Tuesday in August would hinder out of state college students from being active in the process.

After the vote Rep. Kessler begins his round of objections. What makes this so funny is that the elder statesmen who prides himself on knowing the rules. Keeps objecting at the wrong times. His first objection is to a motion for a 3rd reading.  You can hear the giggles from other legislators when Kessler is corrected by Rep. Kramer.  The second wild objection while a unanimous consent motion is being asked for. Rep. Kramer assures Fred he will be recognized at the appropriate time.

You'd think Rep. Kessler would know the procedure by now.

I've got some thoughts for the rascally Rep from Milwaukee.  Allowing adequate time for military votes to be counted is just as important as the other voting rights you claim to stand up for. If you think the election season is too long - take a stand against the recalls.  If you need more time to spend with your family - retire.

Despite this bump in the road, SB116 will be moved to the Senate next week.

*Fred Kessler is my state rep and I unsuccessfully ran against him in the 2010 campaign.

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