Friday, October 21, 2011

Good News for Babies - Sen Taylor not so sure

The Wisconsin Senate took a preemptive step to save babies from being aborted if the federal health insurance called Obamacare should be come law.

The debate was interesting in that the two sides couldn't agree on the focus of the bill, which was saving babies lives.  Sen. Lena Taylor made the argument that this bill wasn't needed because state law is already quite clear concerning state funds and abortion.  If that was the case then it seems to me that it would be an easy to choice to support the bill, but the senator from Milwaukee chose not to.

Here's something that has always bothered me.  Sen. Taylor often touts her Christian faith in tweets and on her facebook page.  Many other democrats are not afraid of expressing their Christian beliefs, this includes non politicians.  In the black churches it is considered a compliment if a politician makes an appearance during the campaign season.  None of this is bad on the surface.

What is troubling for me is how as a Christian you don't have any problem supporting laws that favor abortion.  This includes not only the politician but pastors who will allow pro-choice politicians in their pulpits.  This incongruity screams out at me.

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