Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Here's the analysis of compensation for Milwaukee County Employees:

Baker Tilly conducted the study, which analyzed how total compensation for Milwaukee County employees compares to other public and private sector employers in the Milwaukee metropolitan region.
The key findings included:
  • While Milwaukee County is second, after the State, in total compensation for higher-paid positions, the County is the lowest for lower paid positions.
  • The pay ranges at the County and the City of Milwaukee tend to be narrower than pay ranges at the State and in the private sector.
  • In looking at benefits for new hires, Baker Tilly found that the County’s benefits package is the lowest of the public sector entities, but is more generous than the private sector.
 Here's Lee Holloway's analysis:
"This report shows that Milwaukee County’s compensation is in line with other public and private sector employers,” Chairman Holloway said. “In fact, despite what is reported in the local media, our benefits package is actually the least generous compared to other large public sector employers.”
Here's mine:
You're missing the point Mr. Holloway.  Your package is "more generous than the private sector" and this is point of contention.

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