Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lena Taylor & Campaign Finances

Is It All About the Money?

My state Senator Lena Taylor is in the midst of raising funds for her re-election campaign. She's using all the tools available including facebook and twitter to promote her efforts.  These are laudable and legal.

What concerns me is the recent attack by Senator Taylor against a business in her district which supports conservative candidates. Her call for a boycott of a gas station / convenience store because of campaign contributions is very unsettling and borders on the illegal.  And I don't believe I'm exaggerating the importance of this.

As Senator Taylor is in full fund raising mode is she using her position and bully pulpit (I use this as a generic term) to inhibit potential opponents from doing the same.  The gadfly senator is allowed by the black media in Milwaukee to go unfettered and even supported in calling for boycotts for job producing firms.  In this weeks Milwaukee Courier Senator Taylor tries to shake her job restricting rhetoric with an Editorial entitled "What Wisconsin needs now ... is jobs."  The Milwaukee Community Journal is quiet as a church mouse on the issue.  Eric Von on WMCS did talk about the issue and he and all the callers I heard supported the Senator. 

I don't understand the thinking.  Support a boycott against job producers and continue to complain that there aren't enough jobs in the community.  I don't think you can have it both ways.

Before I go further on the political ramification on Taylor's boycott calls, I have to disclose that the business she has attacked did allow me to put up a banner when I ran for the Wisconsin Assembly last year.  Neither the owner nor any employees gave me any financial support. 

Sen. Glenn Grothman has announced today a plan to introduce legislation that would eliminate putting some one's place of employment on campaign finance forms.  I support this change 100%.  In fact if I were to run for a political office again I would willfully not put the employment of campaign contributors on the GAB forms. 

What will stop Lena from continuing to call for financial retribution against her political opponents?  What entrepreneur will want to set up shop in her Senate District knowing that she will use her position to damage  their business?

What I'd like to see is the District Attorney of Milwaukee or the Attorney General of Wisconsin investigate Sen. Taylor's abuse of her political office by using that position to financially harm those who don't politically agree with the Senator and to make it more difficult for an opponent to build a successful run for the 4th District Senate seat.  I don't take this position lightly but neither should Sen. Taylor's attempted extortion.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Lena Taylor is not only positioning herself for another tem, she is disenfrancising the very people she claims to represent.
she has not answered the slum landlords allegations nor the allegations from the payday loan store payoffs.
Sadly she goes unvetted because peopel fear her wrath. She is very good at using her outlets for damage and using her sheep to create chaos. I have yet to see any legislation from her this term that has produced jobs for WI or her district. Some day someone will find the courage to stop teh insanity. As far as Black media, while needed, is very feafful of treading on sacred careers/ground!