Friday, September 23, 2011

Calls for Sen. Taylor to be removed from Joint Finance

Sens. Glenn Grothman and Alberta Darling have both called for the removal of Sen. Lena Taylor from the powerful Joint Finance Committee.  Sen. Darling is the co-chairman of the committee.

The problem seems to be Sen. Taylor's recent call for a boycott of Georgia Pacific products because it's a Koch Brothers company and what Sen. Darling calls "her total disrespect for the process, disrespect for rules of law and disrespect for the process of doing legislation."

Sen. Taylor is a throwback to the Gwen Moore days of the state legislature as she believes the longer and louder she talks the more valid her points are.   Someone needs to tell her, that's not the case.  Hey at least she hasn't broken down and cried because no one would listen to her.  Sen. Taylor is passionate in her beliefs but that is not an excuse for her action.

I often watch JFC hearings on WisEye and at one of the hearings she actually said something to the effect that people came to listen to her and her opinions.  I thought that summed up her views, she's actually there to hear others.

As to her comments about Georgia Pacific, Sen. Taylor could not be more wrong.  Here she sits on the most powerful legislative committee and she calls for a boycott of a company that employs about 2800 state residents.

That's bad enough, but I wonder how Sen. Taylor can help in bringing any business to her district if they must pass a political correctness test.  If you ran a business, how willing would you be to set up operation on Milwaukee's north side knowing that the state senator would call for a trashing of your business because you may be a conservative. It's not only the business owners but their employees also as people who give money to political candidates are suppose to have their place of employment listed on GAB forms.

It's tough to make a case that we want you set up shop only if you and your employees believe in our political philosophy.  I doubt the people who work for Georgia Pacific care one bit about who and what the Koch Brothers support as long as they receive their paychecks as promised.

The sad reality is that Sen. Taylor is somewhat immune from any constituent backlash as her histrionics are encouraged and applauded as "standing up for the community."  Helping bring jobs and not chasing them away would be a better way to serve the citizens of Milwaukee.

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