Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Biddle Dribble #1

One of the newer Milwaukee County Supervisors is Eyon Biddle, Sr.  Eyon has taken a page from some prominent Milwaukee legislators and is delivering what seems to be daily press releases about him not doing his job.

The Biddle Dribble will be our look at this former SEIU political director's push to move on from his full time gig as a county supervisor.

We'll start with his latest attack, this one on Sheriff David Clarke.  Eyon doesn't like the "cowboy" image the Sheriff portrays.  What I think Eyon would be more comfortable with is a soft on crime, coddle the criminal type of crime fighter.

According to the "dribble" the best way to handle convicted criminals is go the progressive route, whatever that means.  As Sheriff Clarke worries about the safety of his employees and law abiding citizens, Supervisor Biddle is more concerned with the well being of those who've broken laws.

What I'm thinking is that Supervisor Biddle should spend his time working for the citizens of the county and leaving the law enforcement to the Sheriff.  The more Biddle Dribble's, the more he proves that the County Supervisor's position should be a part time gig.


capper said...

Recidivism is the biggest problem in corrections. Clarke systematically took away all of the proven programs for the purpose of political posturing. Is it any wonder his OT budget is always way over, his officers are getting hurt.

I can't wait to see what happens when an inmate or twenty overpower a guard and take his or her taser. Who will you blame then.

Meanwhile, I hope that boy of yours has his resume updated.

yoSAMite said...

Thanks for your concern about my son Capper. That's very nice of you, but as far as I know he isn't looking for a job at the moment.