Friday, July 22, 2011

Redistricting Thought

There's been a lot of whining about the state redistricting by those whose ox is being gored.  Of course I'm referring to the Democrats. What I find interesting is that I spent an hour or so listening to Milwaukee County's latest hearing and am currently about 2 hours into the state senate debate.

I swear it's like living in two different time/space dimensions. The arguments remain the same, the faces and political alliances are different. In Milwaukee the conservatives are complaining about gerrymandering and on the state level liberals.

On the state level, Rep. Fred Kessler is considered "an expert" on redistricting.  I was told that Fred likes to play with redistricting the same way some folks like to do crossword or sudoku puzzles in the morning. That's not a swipe at Rep. Kessler because we need those type of people.

What I do find a bit disingenuous are the current quotes from Rep. Kessler, "I think this is the closest case that I have ever seen where it could be thrown out, because of partisan redistrict­ing. and those are just among the things that would be the base for it." to the media and what he said in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Opinion piece from Aug. 8, 2009:
"I am a partisan, and I know how to draw legislative district lines to the benefit of the Democratic Party. I will do so if I have the opportunity."

Rep. Kessler also testified at a hearing of the Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform and said the same thing. You can check it out here at Wisconsin Eye at the 1 hour and 29 minute mark. He also disses the idea that independent or non partisan committee's can draw districts any better than our current system.

Well the voters of Wisconsin denied him and the Democrat party that opportunity and have given the Republicans the chance to draw the lines to the benefit of their political party. As they say, that's the way ball bounces.  

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