Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wi Supreme Leader

There is no doubt from any clear thinking individual that the Wisconsin Supreme Court needs new leadership and with that a new attitude.

There's been some very interesting suggestions as to how this could happen and what the new structure would be. For me that's in a future blog, but one thing is clear to me - that the person who seems to stand up for the institution, is levelheaded and right for the job of Chief Justice is Justice Patience Drake Roggensack.

During the siege at the capitol some protesters were causing damage to the doors of the Supreme Court.  One guess who confronted the protesters and "made" them stop their shenanigans.

In the latest craziness behind the scenes at the Supreme Court, Chokegate, it's believed that PDR is the Justice who intervened in Justice Bradley's physical aggression toward Justice Prosser and physically pulled Bradley away from Prosser.

It seems that Justice Roggensack is taking the bull by the horns and showing an innate leadership so sadly lacking in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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Cindy K. said...

Scary. That's exactly what I came to decide earlier today.