Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here's who I'll be voting for later today.

Supreme Court - Justice Prosser.  I've watched a couple of interview each candidate has give and one of the debates.  Justice Prosser was not afraid to say who he was, a conservative politically and a judicial jurist.  Ms. Kloppenburg was way to vague and said nothing to sway my vote. I mean admit who you are and let the people make the choice, your silence speaks very loud.

Milwaukee County Exec - Jeff Stone.  One of the things that bothers me about Chris Abele is that when he talks on interviews and debates he doesn't look at those asking questions, he looks down.  Both candidates say no increase in taxes which is good.  Jeff Stone has the experience to do the job and I do believe he will serve the people of Milwaukee County well.

At Large Milwaukee School Board - Susan Schmidt. It's time for some new faces on the Milwaukee School Board. I think that Dr. Michael Bonds and Dr. Gregory Thornton are the right people at the right to save MPS.  The board needs new people who are open to explore ideas that are way out of the box, those on the current board have shown that they are not open to putting the kids first.  So it's time for change.

1st District Milwaukee School Board - Mark Sain.  I tried to meet with Mr. Sain, but unfortunately that didn't work out. While his opponent has held the seat I think I've only been contacted by him and that by a mailing once.  Mark Sain gets my vote for the reasons stated above, with one reservation.  You are on the Milwaukee School Board, fix MPS and don't worry about choice, charter and virtual schools.

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 18 - Christopher Lipscomb.  This is an anyone but Pedro Colon vote.  When Mr. Colon was a state representative he was a major player in one of the lowest actions I've ever seen in government.  He will never get a vote or an endorsement from me.

A side note.  I heard Eyon Biddle, a candidate for Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors in District 10, on the radio this morning.  A word of advice that you can take or not, it is not wise to call men you don't agree with evil.  Attack their policies but not them as individuals.  I mean really who are you to call someone like Governor Walker evil, that's a spiritual judgment which I doubt you are in a position to honestly make.  And though your goals to increase jobs, fix the transportation system and parks is noble, remember you will be working with a County Exec who pledges to not raise taxes.  You will need to make some hard choices and if you win I hope you are up to the task.

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