Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recount Valley

Joanne Kloppenburg has decided it is best for her to ask the State of Wisconsin for a recount in the recent Supreme Court race.  The law offers the choice to do this at tax payer expense and she has chosen that route.

At today's press conference she stated that "we need to do what the law calls for and requires and in this case it requires a recount."  If this is the type of Justice Ms. Kloppenburg would have been, I'm doubly pleased with the results of the election so far.  You see, the law doesn't "require" a recount, it gives her the option of asking for one at tax payer expense.  That's a huge difference and I don't believe one needs to be a lawyer to understand that difference.

As I stated before I was hoping Asst. Atty. Gen. Kloppenburg would not ask for the recount.  It is highly unlikely she will change the 7,300 vote deficit to make a difference in the outcome and municipalities will be struck with an additional cost to do the recount.  I think it would have better for her to do what was best for the state of Wisconsin.

Yet I can understand her reluctance.  I'm sure the pressure from the Democrat party was large, same from the Unions who supported her.  I can see where they said if you don't keep the pressure (what little there is) up we will not support you in any future races.  Plus the fact that she has wanted to be a judge for quite a while and this may be her last chance to reach that goal.  It's difficult to see a dream fade away, especially one so close to being accomplished.

Even when the recount is over and Justice Prosser is again declared the winner of the race, we know that those who opposed him will not accept the outcome.  Luckily their refusal to accept the truth of the vote won't change the outcome.


steveegg said...

I don't think Kloppenburg has too many campaigns left in her. This is her last, best chance (barring a future Democrat governor, though Doyle twice turned her down) to be a Lawgiver-In-Black.

It doesn't bode well for the next several months, but provided Prosser has enough money to get it to the 7th Circuit, the end will be what it is as of now.

yoSAMite said...

You're probably right, I guess it would have been nice for her to put the state first.