Friday, April 15, 2011

Justice Prosser

Justice David Prosser will continue in that role for the next ten years. That pleases me for a couple of reason.

First of all, I've met the Justice and each time he was a gentleman and very kind.  He also honored his position during my run for the Assembly. When we met neither he nor I would talk about the case of my opponent, Fred Kessler, which was being heard by the Supreme Court.

Secondly, I agree with his philosophy of being a judicial conservative.

Now if I were Joanne Kloppenburg, I would not move forward with a recount. The odds of her changing the outcome of the race are so low that any money the states spends would be wasted. And I think if she has any desire to run again for a judgeship, this would be a great way to tell the people of Wisconsin that she is more interested in them and their resources then her personal goals.

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