Tuesday, March 1, 2011

True Service

I had a customer approach me yesterday very frustrated and needy.  He asked if I worked "here".  My first thought was did my name tag give it away?  Anyway I answered yes and asked what he needed.

He explained to me, taking the long road, that he was looking for a TV show from PBS called "The Making of Milwaukee."  I walked over to where we had them and the man's expression changed from anxious to peaceful and relaxed.  He put the DVD on the counter and said "I could give you a hug."  Well being open to hugs I walked around the counter and over to him and we embraced.

Then he surprised me by starting to cry.  I'm not talking a few dew drops crying, but an all out let the waters flow event.  He told me that his son was serving in the military in Kandahar and that the boy wanted the video to show to friends he'd made in Iraq.  The man continued weeping and telling of his and his wifes frustration in trying to find the DVD and how important it was to them and his son. He also explained that his son's best friend over there was wounded and how tough this time was for them.  He kept apologizing for getting tears on me, I told him it was OK and an honor to be able to serve him and his son who was serving me in a much more noble way.

It got me to thinking about others who are suppose to be servants. 
Here's a poor exercise in servant hood.
It just makes me wonder.
I will be praying for Christopher and his family.

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