Monday, March 14, 2011


I've been giving the recall mania a bit of thought lately and the more I think about it the more I'm against it.  

I do think that recalls have a place in our political process.  On the one hand I'm thinking that they should be rarely used and only under very serious circumstances.  On the other hand I would not be comfortable in taking away the voice of and available options for "the people".

Sen. Lena Taylor on Greta Van Susteren Show

Lena Taylor is one of the AWOL 14 Democratic Senators who fled the state and have made a weird argument that by abrogating their sworn duties they are doing them. I have to admit that by sneaking out of the state to not vote was an interesting political move. I believe that by staying out of the state the length they did, they did not serve their constituents very well, I live in Sen. Taylor's district.

What I find so very interesting is that Sen. Taylor is one of more vocal proponents of recalls, of course for Republican only.  So what we have here is a legislator who could arguably be shown to have refused to do her sworn obligation and therefore I think be an excellent candidate for recall encouraging the same for other Senators elected by a majority in their districts for a vote they've taken.

Sen. Taylor was a proponent of the mayoral takeover of MPS and she still is, though because of the uproar she has softened her tone quite a bit.  At the time those who felt betrayed by her were very vocal on black talk radio and their mantra was "we'll remember this Sen. Taylor".  I would think this would be a great opportunity for those who felt betrayed to show it.  Maybe time does heal all wounds.

I will not participate in a recall of Lena Taylor.  As much as I would like to see her out of office I have to be true to myself before the game of politics.  If a recall is successfully mounted I will do my duty and vote - not for Sen. Taylor.

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