Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lena Lena Lena

As they say things seem to happen in three's, so why not with Lena Taylor.  Here she is in her new digs in Chicago sharing some of her wisdom.

The first go around is on education.  Look a the lady on the right keep reaching for the microphone, she must have heard the WLS interview.

Here Senator Taylor "explains" her fight with the Milwaukee Teachers Union.  Actions speak louder than words Sen. Taylor.  Though your words are quite loud.

She heard the question but didn't answer it. I guess the Dems don't have that problem.

Sen. Taylor has the priorities correct here.  My concern with her view on education is that she has decided to fight for the institution of MPS and the teachers union rather the best education for the children no matter where that might come from. 

I certainly hope Sen. Taylor enjoys her stay in Illinois, but I do wish she'd come back to Wisconsin and do the business the people of Milwaukee elected her to do.  Right now 160,000 people are without representation in Madison because of her decision to flee in support of government unions.

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