Friday, March 11, 2011

Gov. Walker Signs Bill

Gov. Scott Walker signed the Conference Committee Substitute Amendment to SS AB 11 otherwise known as the budget repair bill, the union reform bill, the union-busting bill, the anti-union bill; you get the picture do a google search and see what come up.

It's law*.

Plain and simple.

The question now is what will happen?  If the bill effects you directly you need to make some changes to compensate.  I know this may sound cold blooded, but that is the fact and many of us have had to do something very similar and we do understand that it is not fun nor easy to do.  From what I can tell, we have all survived.

Continued peaceful protests is an acceptable response.  The out of control mob protests are not.  Physical intimidation will not change what is a done deal and no matter where you stand on the issue, uncalled for physical abuse is wrong.  Protecting oneself if you feel you are being threatened is a last resort.

I do believe that we may see some changes in the main budget bill.  The changes will not vary much if at all from the compromises Gov. Walker offered the AWOL 14 Democratic Senators before the bill was passed.

It is exciting to see how wise our Founding Fathers were to set up the Representative Republic we live in.  We are blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth.

*the Secretary of State, Douglass La Follette must publish the bill within 10 days.

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