Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MPS Changes

They are going to happen.  WEAC, the states largest teachers union, is not only open to them but has released "MOVING EDUCATION FORWARD: BOLD REFORMS".  One of their reforms is the breaking up of MPS into smaller districts.  No specifics were released, but a recommendation for interested parties to come together to move the reforms forward was proposed.

This is huge and I'm wondering how it will effect the upcoming MPS School Board elections.  I'll should be meeting with one of the candidates for the 1st District seat next week if our schedules allow.  Current board chairman, Dr. Michael Bonds has publicly come out against this in the past and we haven't heard anything from the Milwaukee Teachers Union yet.  This has to have them in a tizzy.

One observation is that the writing is on the wall for education in Wisconsin.  They are finding that the current Republican led legislature is not playing games and they expect education reforms up and down the line, not idle talk.

Along with the MPS breakup into smaller districts WEAC's reforms include a new Teacher Evaluation along with Performance Pay.  This is going to be interesting.

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