Sunday, February 13, 2011

Milw County Circuit Court, Branch 18

For a conservative, this is going to be either a no vote or a vote of support of the lesser of three evils.  Judge Christopher Lipscomb, Judge Pedro Colon and Attorney Roy Korte.

It's somewhat difficult to make a decision on where or how judges will rule, but a look at their endorsers can at least give us an idea of where they stand politically.  Now we all hope that every judge and justice will be true to the constitution of Wisconsin and the US, we also are honest enough to admit there are differences in judicial philosophy.

One person I for sure won't be voting for is Pedro Colon. His actions as a state assemblyman were reprehensible when he and other Democratic representatives voted to support multi-drunk driving Representative Jeff Wood. Is this the really the type of person we would want as a Judge?

Here's a few of each the candidates endorsements (some people are listed on more than one candidates web page).

Judge Lipscomb -  US Rep. Gwen Moore, State Senator Lena Taylor, State Senator Chris Larson, Milw County Labor Council AFL-CIO, PEOPLE Comm. AFSCME DC48.

Judge Colon - Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, SEIU Wisconsin State Council

Roy Korte - Peg Lautenschlager - former Wisconsin Attorney General, Steve Biskupic - former U. S Attorney, Milwaukee Police Association

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