Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Justice David Prosser

Justice David Prosser is running for a second term on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  After watching an interview on Wisconsin Public Television's "Here and Now" he has confirmed my inclination to vote for him in the upcoming primary and general election.

What got me was his answer to a question about his political background and being considered a conservative.  He answered the question by admitting to being a judicial conservative and by saying "a judicial conservative is someone who sees a limited role for the court" and by distinguishing between being a judicial and political conservative.

I've had the opportunity to meet Justice Prosser a few times and he's been enlightening when I asked about the workings of the court and very careful not to speak out of turn.  This was especially true when my son worked for Justice Gableman and during my run for the Wisconsin Assembly.

I support Justice Prosser for a second term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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