Monday, February 14, 2011

The Hail Mary Political Pass

photo from Milwaukee Area Labor Council AFL-CIO
 I often listen to the Eric Von and the Morning Magazine on WMCS-1290AM, when I have the morning off.  The reason I do is that I'm interested in hearing what those who I usually don't agree with politically have to say.  Today Eric had Sheila Cochran on to talk about Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Bill.  Sheila is Secretary-Treasurer / Chief Operating Officer of the Milwaukee County Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

I'd read her reaction to the bill on the Milwaukee Drum  so I knew where she stood (actually didn't have to read anything as I've never never heard or read anything she's said that was kind about Walker or anything conservative).

Ms. Cochran ran through the talking points I've been seeing all over the web from those against this bill in a very workman like manner.  One of the things I enjoy about Von is that he will often ask a followup question so a deeper explanation is given.  Ms. Cochran sorta answered the follow ups, but not really.  I suspect the reason is that she would have to admit that something has to be done to repair the current budget shortfall, which she so skillfully skirts.  I don't recall that the budget shortfall was even mentioned once.

Then came the hail mary.  Scott Walker is going to call out the National Guard if things don't go his way or if protests by workers get out of hand.

Really?  One of the things that drive me crazy about politics are things like this.  From the Green Bay Press Gazette "Walker said Friday that he updated emergency plans and alerted the National Guard just in case they are needed to ensure state services aren’t interrupted."

This is a far cry from the hysteria that Ms. Cochran tried to raise to those listening to her on the Morning Magazine show.  As expected, the calls came quickly with memories of the civil rights era.  Sheila completed her hail mary pass.

As the show ended Ms. Cochran answered one caller by saying that because she treats her employees fairly she doesn't have to negotiate with them, the same compliant she has against Gov. Walker's plan. 

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