Friday, January 14, 2011

Voter ID and Job Creation

It's been fun listening to Milwaukee politicians and reading the JSOnline comments and about the upcoming Voter ID law passage.  This bill which has wide support throughout the state has passed the legislature only to be vetoed by Gov. Doyle.  An August Rusmussen poll showing that 82 percent of Americans support having photo I.D. at the polls.  Even in the MJS online poll it's 72% in favor.

The first question raised is will voter ID stop voter fraud.  The answer is yes it will.  The followup question "is there widespread fraud - presumably in Milwaukee".  The answer is probably.  I learned quite a bit in my run for the Assembly, mostly because I asked questions of those I talked with as I went door to door.  One particular Milwaukee police officer talked to me for a long time and shared about voter fraud.  He personally saw it, reported it and was told to leave it alone as it wasn't his concern.  We have video of the smokes for votes that went on in Milwaukee a few years back. I would think it would be every one's concern, but it isn't.  I talked to poll workers who saw politicians and other poll workers illegally telling people how to vote and doing it for them.  This is the reason I support early registration.  Everyone has a right and I think a duty to vote, but I also think they should be engaged in the process.

Now onto the Voter ID and jobs.  I got to thinking how will voter ID help create jobs, another gripe those who obviously cannot do two things at one time, like chew gum and walk, have.  Well first of all, without a picture ID, the people can't even get a job, so this will be a first step for those without jobs. 

Secondly look at all the products one will be able to purchase with a picture ID.  Alcohol, cigarettes, cough medicine and other over the counter drugs (a picture ID will also improve health care), the list goes on and on.  The point being with the influx of all these new picture ID's retail establishments will increase sales, which should lead to hiring extra help.  I happen to work in retail and in the 6 years I've been at Mayfair Mall I have never once had a person tell the they didn't have an ID when I've requested on.

With a picture ID, people will be able to open bank accounts and write checks instead of carrying around all their cash hidden in unspeakable places on their bodies.  Those old enough to drink will be able to not only get into night clubs, but they'll be able to purchase their favorite beverage.  Again a boon to clubs, which will need more employees to serve their customers.

I suppose we could go on and on from city, county and state benefits which one needs an ID to receive benefits and we could look into more items one needs a picture ID to acquire.  But the point is, the influx of picture ID's surely has to grow employment.

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