Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming Redistricting

The redistricting battle is underway.  It a decadal event that happens after every census, I mean the battle and the redistricting.  On the campaign trail it was talked about infrequently, often at partisan events and not in one campaign ad.  I guess it's not a sexy topic unless your a political geek.  Me I found it quite interesting as I did some investigation of the history of the district I was wanting to represent.  Fred Kessler, my opponent in the last election, is totally into the whole redistricting scene even being hired by other states to help the Democrats keep control of their respective state legislatures.

Because of this he is often quoted by the media when this topic comes up.  During the last legislative session he tried to get the State assembly and senate to change the constitution (JR29) so Fred could leave his mark on Wisconsin. It didn't work.

Both in front of the Assembly Committee on Elections and Campaign Reform and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he said the following:
 I am a partisan, and I know how to draw legislative district lines to the benefit of the Democratic Party. I will do so if I have the opportunity.
He even told the Assembly Committee that they should vote yes for his resolution to save themselves from him (and his presumed influence).  Luckily the election results in November did that.

The Republicans hold all the cards in the upcoming redistricting and it will be interesting to see how they stack the deck.  One of the realists in this debate is Rick Esenberg of Shark and Shepherd.  Today he said the following:

Doing this in the right way requires lawyers and that is why Fred Kessler's comments that there is no need for lawyers in redistricting and the the legislature's decision to retain Michael Best and the Troupis Law Offices could only have been a sop to lawyer campaign contributors. Jim Troupis is one of the best redistricting lawyers in the country. To say that he was hired because he gave money is one of the stupidest things I've heard a politician say on the subject.

 It seems that reality and truth will always play second fiddle to the political ambitions for career politicians and this is too bad. 

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