Friday, January 28, 2011

Senator Taylor doing the fudge

State Senator Lena Taylor was a guest on Eric Von's Morning Magazine radio show on WMCS-AM1290 this morning to try to defend her record from an attack on that show by Dr. Walter Ferrell.  It was a nice try, but unsuccessful.

Senator Taylor took the mike early in the segment and defended her record and blamed most things on the Republicans.  Same dance other foot the press release happy legislator.

When the listeners had their chance, Brother Meach was the first to have a go and he questioned her support of the hand scanning of children who are part of the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program. His basic question was do you or don't you support the scanning program, you did vote yes on the issue?

To say Senator Taylor took the long road to answer a yes & no question would be no understatement.  First she blamed the budgeting process.  This sounds good until one realizes that the committee she chaired, the Joint Finance Committee, released the $1 million in question on December 15, 2010.  This is well passed the hectic budgeting season which was almost one and a half years earlier.

Then she pushed the onus on an unspecified fellow Democrat (I'm betting it was her press release twin Tamara Grigsby) and the Republicans on the committee.  Now I'll acknowledge that the money was transferred by a unanimous vote, but nothing passed the Joint Finance Committee without the full support and leadership of the Dems who held a 12-4 majority on the committee.  In fact not only did she try to shift blame on the Republicans, but she tried to raise even more fear that the Republicans would take this ill advised idea and somehow make it worse for "the community".  When questioned how they'd do it by host Von, her answer was basically I don't know, but it's a great answer to cover my unpopular vote and shift blame.

Another caller expressed fear her child would be scanned or finger printed and it could be used by the justice system to keep track of her child. She also asked why Senator Taylor didn't try to get input from constituents and others in the community?  Her answer to the caller was to watch Wisconsin Eye, only available in Milwaukee via the internet and that she does keep people of the 4th Senate district informed.  The problem with the Wisconsin Eye answer is that when the Joint Finance Committee meets they often vote during the hearing and there is no time for people to contact their legislator with their opinion. I've contacted Senator Taylor (she is my state senator) a few times and have never received a reply nor have I been added to her email list.  To be fair it is impossible for legislators to keep every person informed on every piece of legislation.  In fact I'd go so far to say that most citizens could actually care less about what legislators do unless it directly affects them.

The final caller asked her why doesn't she just fess up to her votes?  The long winded senator again took the long road to a very simple answer.  Speaking of being long winded, the funniest moment was when Senator Taylor tried to justify her support of the Mayoral takeover of MPS by saying she didn't get her view out and let others on her side frame the subject.  Virtually every time WMCS brought up the Mayoral takeover issue of MPS, Ms. Taylor was either in the studio or on the phone supporting her point of view.  People knew where she stood on the issue and as time comes for her to run again, she is trying to make her firm stand very fuzzy.  I wonder how much more unclear her unpopular stands will become the closer we get to November 2012.

One of the things I enjoy about listening to WMCS is that they allow the callers to go at the guests as long as they are respectful.  I find this much more entertaining than what happens on other stations even though I often disagree with what is being said.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Fact check...Lena Taylor never chaired the Joint Finance Committee. Might want to check your other facts too.

yoSAMite said...

Thanks for the fact check Anon. If you know something and would like to share, please feel free otherwise I'm very comfortable with my assessment.