Sunday, January 23, 2011

Judge Stephens is a "creative"

Marla J. Stephens was interviewed on the Wisconsin Public Television show "Here and Now" this week, it's the first of their four part series on those wanting to be elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 5th.

When asked by the host Frederica Freyberg if her judicial philosophy was conservative, liberal or somewhere in between she answered by saying that "arguments might be liberal or conservative, but facts certainly aren't, and rules certainly aren't...I have been accused of being conservative on some things and creative on others, I just don't know how I'd rule on any given case."

Quizzed about her political party status Ms. Stephens does say she's "been a member of the democrat party on and off through out my life."

So I popped over to her website to get a better read on where she stands.  It was interesting to see the other "creative" political types who've endorsed her.
  • Former Attorney General - Peg Lautenschlager
  • Marty Beil - Executive Director, Afscme Council 24
  • Ellen Bravo - former head of 9-5
  • Ed Garvey - editor and publisher of the political website
  • State Senator Chris Larson
  • Marc Marotta and his wife Kim Heller Marotta
  • State Rep Sandra Pasch
  • Former State Rep Marlin Schneider
  • State Senator Lena Taylor
  • and
  • John "Sly" Slyvester - lonely morning host of WTDY, AM-1670, in Madison.  I'll pass on the obvious joke.

To watch the full interview, about 5 1/2 minutes click here.

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