Tuesday, December 28, 2010

County Exec Thomas?

It's County Exec season here in Milwaukee and a rumored contender for the crown is my County Supervisor, Johnny L. Thomas.

In the mail today was Supervisor Thomas's Winter 2010-2011 Newsletter.  Not surprisingly it looks very much like campaign literature.  Mr. Thomas is very proud of the work he did on the budget as the County portion of the tax bill only rises $7.50, a mere pittance compared to City, MPS and MMSD increases, for a house assessed at $125,000.

It's good to see that Supervisor Thomas has a list of  Sponsored Beneficial Actions.  Here are some of his answers to problems.  See if you notice a trend here.

To balance the County's budget - Pursue federal Economic Stimulus funds.
To increase housing & development - Obtain a Federal Grant.
To lower unemployment - accept a federal grant to pay for 280 summer jobs for youth.
To improve transportation & transit - avoid fare increases by getting advertising revenue from video and wi-fi service on buses and create a Regional Transit Authority (already tried and failed once).

I don't think basing your budget on monetary gifts from the Federal Government is the best long term strategy for the County nor for someone who desires to run that County.   So before I'd consider voting for Supervisor Thomas, I'd like to know if he'd make the tough decisions rather than relying on tax money from the Federal Government - tax money citizens pay.

Supervisor Thomas did vote to cut his pension by 20%, which is admirable, but not enough to cover his other fiscal shortcomings.  It will be interesting to see how he votes during the 30 days of acting County Executive Holloway's reign.


Anonymous said...

Re: Regional Transit Authority- I'm assuming they would all be donating their time for this, and if not, where would those salaries/bennies come from? hmmm??

yoSAMite said...

UPDATE - Eric Von said on the radio today that Mr. Thomas has decided not to run for County Executive.