Monday, November 22, 2010

Rev It Up

One of the things those "in the know" tell you when running for political office is to stop, erase, delete and kill any blogs you've been involved with.  Well I sorta listened.  I dumped a fun blog that was more a combination of facebook and blogger.  The friends I had on there were just a joy to hang with, excellent sharing and lots of laughs.

I didn't drop this blog but cut down on the amount of posts. Well it's time to get up and running again.  Even if I choose to run for office again, I've come to the conclusion that one of the evils of politics is being afraid to say what's on one's mind and then stand behind it.  Changing your mind isn't a weakness either. When circumstances change or you get more information and you don't re-evaluate your position, that's a weakness.

It's always fun to walk with someone else on a journey so come back often and take this journey with me.

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