Monday, November 22, 2010

All My Chillins

Mikel Holt posted the following on Facebook, "Was Willie Hines told by Tom Barrett operative that he better not run for mayor in 2012?  Will Willie run anyway?  Tune in next week to continuing drama, 'All My Chillins'".

When I visited Christian Faith Fellowship Church, I happen to visit the same day Tom Barrett was there. I was treated very well by my host Johnnie Tatum, a former State Representative. Before the service started she escorted me to a front row seat where we worshiped together.  About halfway through, someone told Ms Tatum that Mayor Barrett had arrived but was in an outer area conducting some interviews.  After a bit a gentlemen came over and counted out some seats and politely told me that I'd have to move to make room for the mayor's entourage.  I didn't mind but someone nearby told me I didn't have to move since I was there first.  I moved anyway. 

Alderman Hines was a part of the group and he introduced Mayor Barrett to the church.  He started out by saying that he couldn't tell the crowd how to vote, but he could say who he was going to vote for - the next governor of Wisconsin Tom Barrett.  The thought that ran through my mind was, no kidding Willie, you'd love to take over the vacant Mayor's office.

Mr. Holt is correct in that the usually boring Spring Elections will be a heck of a political chess game.

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