Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taking a read on the lib side

One of the pleasures of working at a bookstore is that lots of information is at your fingertips.  Today I picked up the American Prospect magazine to read during a break.

The main article was about 20 years of the magazine and some of their goals.  Two quotes stood out for me and enlightened me on the the way a liberal thinks.  They talked about the quest to "harness capitalism" and they wanted a "more just form of capitalism".

Now I'm not an expert on being a progressive, in fact, I have to admit to not quite understanding their thought process.  But these two statements give me a better insight into their views.

What I wonder is how if you believe in capitalism how you also believe in harnessing it.  Would not harnessing it kill it?  And wouldn't someone trying to make capitalism "more just" also stunt the growth of capitalism?

Anyway, I think success comes when you're all in, unencumbered by others (including government) and surrounded by those who want you to succeed.

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