Saturday, August 21, 2010


I almost let it happen to me.  I knew it was the wrong choice and yet I was ready to make it even though inside it didn't feel right.

Today the family is celebrating my grandson's 7th birthday.  It's Saturday, he lives in Madison and Saturday is a great day for campaigning.

Can I give up a Saturday of knocking on hundreds of doors (well at least a hundred) to celebrate with a 7 year old who'll God willing will have many more birthdays and probably not remember this one in a decade?  I mean this Saturday is the Republican Summer Showdown, they want to make 100,000 contacts and can I look in the mirror and say I've done all I could to win the 12th Assembly seat if I spend the day with family.

The answer was going to be no I can't give up this time to my family.  Deep down I knew it was not the right answer, but I'm getting more and more focused on the political campaign and the time I give up I will not get back.

So I'm talking with a friend at work and we talk about the upcoming weekend.  I tell him what my plans are and what I'm giving up.  The look on his face told me I was wrong.  I said "Joe, what would you do in my place?"  His answer was firm yet understanding - "I'd go to the party."

That was what I needed.  In a matter of minutes I changed my mindset and knew he was right.  I was being seduced by something though important, it isn't nearly as important as my family.

So later today after knocking on doors for about 3 hours I'll be heading off to Madison with my daughter and oldest grandson and we'll enjoy the youngest grandkids and my son and daughter in law and when I do my "Jesus Time" tonight I"ll be more than thankful that I have friends like Joe to keep me grounded and on the right path and that I made the right decision.  I'll give all the glory to the One who laid down his life for all of mankind and know he gave me ears to hear and the strength to not be seduced by that powerful harlot, selfishness.


Chris from Racine said...

You made the right decision - no question about it!! When it comes down to it, there is NOTHING more important than family...

Cindy Kilkenny said...

You'll be rewarded, one way or the other.

You are such a good man. We need about 50 of you running for office.

Anonymous said...

I believe I overheard some of that conversation, and was glad to hear that you changed your mind.. That guy knows what he's talking about, too!

yoSAMite said...

Thank you ladies for the extra confirmation. The party was great, the time with the grandkids, kids, son's in-laws and ex wife was super.

There was no second guessing either.