Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Delirious?

Delirious? is a favorite music group of mine from England.  They've also written a couple of my favorite songs.  I had the chance to meet and interview them about 10 years ago at a music festival in England called Greenbelt.  They won me over during the interview.  Question: "You have mainstream success singing explicitly Christian music, how do you account for that."  Answer: "If the music is good, people will listen."

The first video is of a church in Australia, Hillsong, singing one of Delirious? songs with Martin Smith, the lead singer joining in.  First the song brings tears to my eyes as I think about Love.  True Love.  I've been in events like the ones in the videos and all I can say is that it is something that needs to be experienced not explained.

The second video is of Delirious? doing "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble".  A bit preachy toward the end, but the message is one we need to hear.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring the city, state, country and world together in a dance of unity?  Maybe we conservatives can start out on November 3rd with an extended hand of caring and humility after our victory.

In case you're wondering I will be extending the hand of Love and dance upon injustice come November 3rd.


Danny Clayton said...

And you just have to LOVE a band with a question mark in its name.

yoSAMite said...

I wish I could remember the story of the ?. Will have to ask my UK connection.