Saturday, July 24, 2010


Like a good amount of people in my area of Milwaukee, northwest side, some of the 7 inches of rain found it's way into my basement.  It wasn't bad, just too much for the sump pump to handle. 

Well some boxes of "stuff" got wet, but no damage to the contents.  What I'm doing now is moving the stuff from one box to another.  This also gives me a chance to look at what was in the boxes.  Here's a memory.

While going through my divorce, I had very little money (some things never change) and two little ones at home to watch.  To pass the time I played with baseball cards, sorting the 100,000 I had at the time and then I also painted some ceramic.  It was cheap and it keep my mind off of life.

I found some of the things I painted in one of the boxes that gathered the rain. 

Through my divorce I gave my heart, soul, mind, and body to Jesus.  Now I battle by the minute to keep this commitment pure, but I thank God for something called Grace.  I bathe in it daily.

Here's a last one that is in my bathroom.  I take this to heart.

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DAWN S. said...

Maybe they shouldn't be in a box in the basement??? :)