Sunday, July 25, 2010

Conspiracy & Motivation & the Vote

So there's a full page ad in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a "Get Motivated Business Seminar."  It's going to be at the Bradley Center from 8am-5pm and only costs $4.95 per person and your whole office can attend for $19.  You need to call in (800-490-7831) or visit to get that price, the at the door admission price is $225.

The speaker list is Zig Ziglar, Gen Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Dr. Rober Shuller, Tom Hopkins, Rudy Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw and Steve Forbes.

Free Bonus Gifts - Everyone who attends will receive a downloadable version of Zig Ziglars 5 Keys to Igniting Motivation & Success along with TWO special bonuses.  Golden Rule Relationships and Gaining with Goals.  PLUS ONE FREE YEAR of best-selling book summaries absolutely free.  There's door prizes, $10,000 cash, Disney World Vacation, a big screen TV (aren't they all now a days) and much much more.

So where does the Conspiracy come in.  The date is Sept 14, 2010.  The day of the primary election here is Wisconsin.  Now the question who set this up for this day.  Mark Neumann, the Dems, the ain't no whitemans b@$#% party?

In all honesty, I wouldn't mind taking in this event.

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