Sunday, December 20, 2009

Evangelical Government

At Eastbrook Church today they announced the formation of church plant in the Sherman Park area of Milwaukee, which will be called Citybrook. It got me to thinking.

A core of many evangelical churches is what I call apostleship through the form of planting new churches. These church plants become realities as members of small group Bible studies in a geographic area find there is enough support to start this new church. Now what is interesting is that the new churches are totally independent of the old church, but rely on resources of the larger to become viable.

This is not to say that these don't work together, they do. What I find very interesting is that both the larger church and the smaller church seem to grow as what many might consider subtraction takes place. As they say, "It's a God thing."

I believe that government should act in the same way. They need to help individuals and business grow by making them independent of the government, not dependent of it. Nor should the growth in jobs and the economy be government centric. With lower tax burdens companies will grow thus providing jobs and opportunities for financial freedom.

Independence is the road bureaucrats should pursue in passing laws not governmental bondage.

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