Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Listen

I'm one of those geeks who likes talk radio, Wisconsin Eye, the Milwaukee Government channel on cable, CSPAN, etc. On Monday's I usually listen to Roundtable show on WMCS, 1290 on the AM dial. WMCS is by no means a conservative station, the show is hosted by Joel McNally with Leonard Wells, Rep Jason Fields and Mikel Holt as consistent guests.

The MPS governance issue has been a main topic lately with both sides well represented and the conversation honest and heated. Even today when the issue was Mayor Barrett's announcement that he is running for Governor (or governer according to a facebook site) the discussion turned to the school issue.

Lately and today in particular, the split in the "community" was evident. There seems to be a very distinct and growing disenchantment with their expectations and what the Democratic Party has delivered. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, it doesn't seem to be an alternative for them to turn to. And that's to bad.

I'd encourage the Republican Party to knock on a few doors, make some overtures and see what it can do to bring some of the disheartened voters into the family. I think listening would be the first step.

I know of one Conservative Republican who will be doing so over the next 351 days.

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