Saturday, October 31, 2009

Super Letter to Ed about MPS

Gregory D. Molzahn, who is the Chair, English department, Cudahy High School
Cudahy wrote a wonderful letter to the editor in todays MJS concerning MPS.

It's been my belief that the system needs to build from the bottom up, not top down. This would concentrate funds on what is important and that is the education of the students.

His observation about testing makes total sense. I recently talked with an educator who's concern is the growth of his students. He tests at the beginning of the year, about what he feels the kids need to know to move up a grade level. Then he issues the same test at the end of the year to see if "he" and the students have accomplished the goal he set out.

Maybe that is the way to have teacher pay tied to testing, on the success they have on a yearly basis to prepare the students to progress.

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