Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MPS Mayoral Discussion

Wisconsin Eye brought together Reps Pedro Colon, Polly Williams and Leah Vukmir along with MPS School Board President Michael Bonds for a discussion of the Mayoral takeover of MPS. It's an excellent 1 hour discussion.

I've heard Dr. Bonds speak a few times and I have to admit he is impressive and if the board would follow his lead I do believe we would see improvement in MPS. In his closing statement he said MPS needs to shrink the district, maximize resources, duplicate successful programs, and "I don't think the state should give us another penny until we clean up our own house financially."

I must say that Dr. Bonds attitude makes it easy for a fiscal conservative to support his viewpoint. Now if the rest of the board will follow the lead something positive may come out of this discussion.

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