Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

I look at my life in seasons. One of my best was my "single parent" season. Newly single, custody of 2 children, broke and very nervous about the future.

I got hooked up with a Single Parent Bible Study Group shortly after my separation/divorce. Besides the weekly Bible study and time we spent fellowshipping afterwards one of the best times was our holiday picnics. Labor Day, July 4th, etc we got together at a park with our families and had a cookout, softball, food, swimming, food, sharing our hearts and prayer. Coming home from church today and seeing people setting up for their own picnics reminded me of those times.

It was a time of exceptional personal growth. People's kids saw parents who loved their children, the group atmosphere took away the pressure of being hit on (never a concern with me), and it help build trust and friendship.

I think the core group was about 75-100 people and they were what I like to call "Jesus in the flesh." They cared, shared and freely gave of themselves when called upon.

It was a great time for me personally. I miss many of my friends from there. Life and circumstances change and though we physically move on, that joy remains a part of our lives permanently. When someone touches your heart the way they did, they are always a part of your life. I thank you all.

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Anonymous said...

Sam - thanks for sharing those memories. This was a very special time in my life too - couldn't wait for Friday nights at the Club House on Moorland. I remember the guys winterizing all of our cars. What a blessing and encouragement that group was!!